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The much-anticipated Avatar 2 teaser has been released

Entertainment Desk: Blockbuster Movie Avatar. The sci-fi film was made at New Zealand-based Visual Effects Studio Veta Digital. The film was released in 2009. It is a film that has been making waves at the worldwide box office for over a decade. At that time no one could surpass Avatar in terms of income.

That’s when the announcement to make a sequel came. But what will be the name of this new episode? There was speculation among film lovers about this. Finally, after a long period of suspense, Disney announced the title of Avatar 2 movie. On Wednesday, April 26, movie director James Cameron officially released the trailer for the first installment of Avatar in front of guests.

There are movie titles. The first collection of the movie was released for everyone on Monday night, May 9. Which is garnering widespread acclaim through social media. Within 19 hours of Avatar’s verified Facebook release, it went viral.

The second installment of the movie Avatar is named Avatar: The Way of Water. The film will be released on December 14 and will run in North America from December 16.

Earlier, the trailer was released at the Cinemacon Theater in Las Vegas. It was attended by producer John Landu.

Oscar-winning producer John says, “James Cameron’s screenplay is always universal. Each of the four sequels will feature the Sully family. Each story will be different and the ending will be different. There will be a perfect resolution for each.

Oscar-winning director James Cameron said: “The film is in its final stages. We have a lot of visual effects.”

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However, in 2019, Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame Avatar dropped out. But Avatar gets that badge back. Both films are owned by Walt Disney. The company also owns the world’s third highest-grossing movie Titanic.

Avatar’s background is an unequal but courageous battle between a group of greedy people and an innocent Pandora. The story begins in 2154 when humans arrived on an Earth-like planet called Pandora in search of RDA. Whose weather is not conducive to human respiration.


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