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James Cameron will show ‘Avatar 2’ without 3D glass

After its release in 2009, the movie changed the old concept of animation. This James Cameron film captivated millions of viewers around the world. Yes, I’m talking about Cameron’s ‘Avatar’. For the last 6-7 years, many viewers have been waiting for the sequel of the film. After a long wait, it is known that the sequel of ‘Avatar’ will be released in 2018. Enthusiasm and excitement among the viewers about the film has already started to rise. Meanwhile, a statement from James Cameron added to the excitement.

Recently, he said that he is going to take the technology used in ‘Avatar 2’ to such a level that viewers will have the experience of watching this 3D movie without 3D glasses. In a recent statement, he said, “I will do my best for this. I want many more advanced projections for him. I want to show you that 3D can be visualized without glass. ” In other words, Cameron is ready to pay the right price for the audience waiting for almost a decade.


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