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Is the sequel to ‘Avatar 2’ an alien planet?

In 2009, director James Cameron told the story of people settling on alien planets on the big screen. ‘Avatar’ was thrown all over the world. Since then, the Oscar-winning American director has been preparing for ‘Avatar 2’. Recently, it was revealed that the much-awaited screenplay of that film has been made. All the scenes have been painted and sent to the necessary places for shooting. This time maybe the characters of ‘Avatar’ will migrate to another planet.

In the words of James, “I’m working on three more screenplays. All made almost. Now I am giving the final touch. ”At the same time, he is also preparing to make‘ Avatar 3 ’and‘ Avatar 4 ’. ‘Avatar 2’ will be released in December 2017. “Hopefully, it will be just as popular as before,” James claims.

James wrote this story in 1994. But even then the technology was not so advanced. So he did not do the picture then. After that he started working on ‘Titanic’. So it’s a little late. However, no matter how late it is, the statement of the movie lovers is ‘Sabure Mewa Phale’ in the blast that has been shown in ‘Avatar’. So the viewers are waiting with equal interest for the sequel of ‘Avatar’.



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