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Avatar 2: The way of water.

The long-awaited sequel to Avatar will be released at the box office after a total of 13 years, grossing 8 2.85 billion. From the story about the upcoming Avatar 2 to the cast’s possible titles and sequel plans, we rewind to the beginning before moving on to Part 2. What was the first part of the avatar is that you have to face some spoilers briefly we want to focus on the plot of Everton 2 then the plot basically revolves around Jake Sully born in 2126 who joined the Marines at a young age. Age and he was so badly injured that he is now numb from the waist down.

This is not a good start for an alien expedition, but the result of a tragic event is to arrive at a beautiful and primitive planet with humans and begin the mission by uniting the navy people and their weaknesses behind the whole operation. On people. The planet is capable of living in anything but RDA has come up with something special that is a scientific project that created a genetically modified hybrid of human DNA and navel DNA.

These so-called incarnations can be controlled by humans because the human brain and all nerves make it a wonderful experience, especially since Bo does not feel the effects of his paraplegia in his incarnation and thus can move freely during his first scouting mission. Things go wrong and he is cut off from his team. Luckily for her, a native navel comes to her rescue in a desperate fight and chases dangerous animals. Jack is fascinated by the beautiful navel. Nigiri finds himself in an unfortunate dilemma and he is on a mission about his life, no matter how decisive Jake becomes, he has to decide for himself that the first one will refresh his knowledge, whatever the fate of peace – the man of love in his hands.

Part Back then Avatar is a true 3D hype set which is why the film often has to endure the accusation that viewers only go to see movies to use 3D and not for the story but it is clear that the star director.

James Cameron has done much more on his sleeve when you realize that the 67-year-old has planned a total of four sequels for this franchise. Let us now turn our attention to the possible plot of Avatar 2. After the bright end of the first part the man was slowly and successfully removed from Pandora but surely peace has returned almost to the colonial navel and Jack is now one of them. 13 years old. After the first part of the story, more producer John Landau recently broke the news of the story in an interview with Total Film Magazine in early December.

Residents and Pandora’s resources and population are preparing for another attack on the land. Done. There are even plans to start with a bigger movie because Lando is sure that you will be able to watch Avatar 2 from the first Avatar movie without any prior knowledge. Interestingly the director announced before the release of the first part of the camera that he wanted at least two sequels to follow the success which proved him right which was one of the most expensive productions in the history of the film after the rapid ascent of the blockbuster. . . The ladder of the most successful movie of all time, it was also clear that sooner or later it would be re-launched.

New Zealand planned revenge. Friedman Part 2 is written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silva Part 3 and Shane Salerno Part 4. There is currently no screenwriter for Part 5 like James Cameron who is certainly not a man of few words, he further revealed that he is the deepest model. Underwater world. Wanting to use space footage Mariana Trench Pandora’s Cameron has similarly announced something less than a revolution in 3D technology. Can be seen. The problem with the need for spectacles and this will be another revolution is that movie theaters will have to upgrade to new technologies and invest a lot of money which is a very unlikely situation especially due to epidemics and lack of revenue.

Cameron is a great dreamer in the movie business and so it remains to be seen which leads us to hope that Avatar 2 is not just a feature of great 3D technology, above all let’s take a look at the cast of Avatar 2 after a funny story. Needless to say, some well-known faces are returning: Sam Worthington, Jack Joe, Jaldana Nathirio, Dr. Grace Augustine as Stephen Lang, Colonel Miles as Corporal Lane Weinflit, Gorevani Ripley Parker as Selfie.

Asking them exactly what they will look like in Part 2 is a lot more exciting than the fact that they didn’t all make it through the big fights in the first half of life but the new additions you can expect from a big Hollywood blockbuster are quite impressive. Far-fetched Titanic actress Kate Winslet is set to play Ronald, and Michelle Joe will play Eddie Fock in the role of Dr. Karina Mugh. A new character named Palak. All in all, the esteemed cast probably has a few more names.

Added as an example it is fairly certain that whether Vin Diesel will be involved in the sequel to Avatar is already a concern with Part 2. Lazy will stay with Avatar 2. In 2018 the BBC came up with four possible headlines which Cameron himself confirmed were possible but not the final headline thus there are four headlines for the four sequels although it is not known which one was intended for the first sequel is called Water Path Avatar. And on the water theme.

Based on this part 2 is completely complimentary but equal t 3 Since both sequels focus on the underwater world Another possible title is Avatar, the Seed Carrier Which may be a reference to the Seed of Soul Tree which is considered the most sacred place. Pandora and for that. Was originally responsible. After completely transforming Jake’s soul into his avatar body, the title is Avatar The Tolkien Rider.

Of course, there may be a new living creature in Pandora whose last title is Avatar The Quest for Eva Igua is the god of the navel who unites all the creatures of the planet and usually stands up for the vital energy of Pandora so that one can go in search of Ivara after the extinct parts of life become extinct. There have been armed means and decay

Another possibility that the coming planet is that someone has to solve a certain task for the euro. As you can already see where we can only guess which title you will assign for which sequel. Feel free to discuss with us in the comments. And behind-the-scenes footage on his Instagram account where you’ll see all sorts of technically sophisticated shootings that show snapshots of various underwater creatures with some concept art and actors in front of the camera.

All of which are worth seeing in January, for example, we were allowed to see a beautiful Mekan village on the water although sadly it is not a real scene in concept art and film. An example from last October shows a fully equipped high-tech RDA laboratory and an example from August 2020 shows a lot of work involved in the shooting of the Mammoth Project here you will see some parts of a big New Zealand movie that must have been made. For the choice of James Cameron in June 2021. Producer of World Oceans Day. John Landau has released a new picture in the form of concept art via Twitter. It is unlikely that Avatar 2 will focus on Pandora’s beautiful underwater world.

Looking forward to its first trailer. More Unfortunately, due to the theatrical release on December 16, there is no indication as to when or at least a teaser trailer will be released. You should expect a bit of 2022 video material earlier this year How do you like our news video Leave your expectations and theories for Avatar 2 in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated to see the next blockbusters next time


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