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Avatar 2 release date, cast, trailer, and everything you need to know about The Way of Water


Avatar 2, aka Avatar: The Way of Water, is coming this December, which may be hard to believe after such a long wait for a sequel.

The official title was confirmed with the release of the first trailer at CinemaCon before hitting the internet on May 9, 2022. Although it was light on plot details, it did not lag behind with nearly 150 million views in its first 24. of hours.

Cameron revealed at CinemaCon that he “worked hard to put the finishing touches on the movie.” He previously said that the decision to set most of the film underwater was what took him so long to come out.

“It sounds like a crazy process,” Cameron admitted to EW about his plans for the sequel. “I mean, if Avatar hadn’t made so much money, we would never have done it, because it’s crazy.”

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Returning star Zoe Saldana also teased that it will be worth the wait, as she had a strong reaction just 20 minutes into the footage.

“I have a lump in my throat talking about it because I only got to see 20 minutes of the second installment just before the end of last year and I was speechless. I was in tears,” he enthused.

“I think you really have to prepare for it, but it’s going to be an adventure you won’t forget.”

As we knock on every wood around us, it looks like the sequel will finally hit theaters in December 2022.

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Once the sequel arrives this year, it will trigger sequels every other year until Avatar 5 in December 2028. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves and focus on Avatar 2 for now

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Avatar 2 Release Date: When will Avatar The Way of Water hit theaters?
To cut a long story short, Avatar 2 will finally release on December 16, 2022, after being delayed from December 2021 due to the ongoing global health crisis.

The sequel began filming in 2017, but given the film’s mix of live-action and motion capture elements, it’s not surprising that it took some time. In September 2020, Cameron revealed that they were “100% complete” on Avatar 2 and about 95% finished on Avatar 3.

As mentioned above, Cameron said in April 2022 that he was putting the “finishing touches” on the sequel, so everything seems to be on track for a December release. Finally.

Since we have three more movies, Cameron has been working on all of them for the past few years. In December 2021, he revealed that he had already shot Avatar 4 due to the young cast.

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“Anything that needed to be done with a certain actor, we did all the scenes from 2 and 3 together and a little bit of 4,” he told Variety.

“I had to shoot the kids. In the middle of the story on page 25 of Movie 4 they’re allowed to be six years old. So I needed everything before and after, we’ll do that later.”

Cameron also said that he may not actually direct Avatar 4 and 5, but he teased that the fourth movie is a “stopper”. “Actually, I hope I can pull it off. But it depends on the strength of the market. Three is capable, so it will come out regardless,” he told Empire.

“I really hope we can do four and five because ultimately it’s a great story.”

Avatar 2: Why did it take so long?
If you want the full story of the sequel’s long and drawn-out journey to the screen, here it is. Looking back, it seems almost absurd that Avatar 2 was scheduled for release in December 2014 and Avatar 3 was scheduled for December 2015.

Avatar 2 was supposed to start filming in April 2016 after a delay, but April came and went, and filming never started. In January of the following year, it was announced that work on the film’s motion capture elements would begin in August 2017, but it actually began in September.

The announcement of the fourth Avatar film delayed everything, and then it was delayed again, with Avatar 2 planned for December 2017 (and the rest scheduled for 2018 and 2019, presumably). Cameron blamed the “very complicated” writing process for the delay.

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Then in January 2017, Avatar 2 was delayed again, possibly because it was scary after Star Wars: The Last Jedi from May to December 2017.

The sequel was scheduled for a December 2020 release after Disney pushed it back to December 2021.



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