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Avatar 2 Box Office Collection: Avatar 2 continues its run, crossing 200 crores in India

James Cameron’s new film, Avatar the Way of Water, opens on December 16. The film has done great business in India in its opening weekend. The same trend continued on the second weekend as well.

On Saturday, December 24, the film grossed Rs 20.75 crore. As a result, the film earned Rs 223 crore in India till Saturday. If this trend continues, the film is expected to cross the Rs 300 crore mark soon. This movie has already faced stiff competition from other movies released at the same time.

Although it was released last week, the film is expected to perform better this week, hoping to get a good response from the audience during Christmas and the winter holidays. On the other hand, the new Bollywood movie Circus was released this Friday. But the public did not like this film at all. As a result, its clear impression is seen at the box office. According to a report on the Box Office India website, the film is doing well in South India. 50 percent of India’s film business comes from South India.

Avatar was first released in 2009. Thirteen years have passed since then. Then the second part of this film was released. In this film, a new tribe of umbilical cord water is introduced, the Metkania. The movie was released worldwide on 16 December. The film was released in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam languages.


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