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Avatar 2: ‘Avatar 2’ world record sales, how many crores in ten days?

‘Water storms all over the world on the path of incarnation. James Cameron’s film grossed around Rs 8 billion in Indian currency. About 3 billion tickets have been sold for this movie in India as well. The film did a business of around 40 crores in this country on the first day. Big-budget movies sold more tickets than ‘Avengers Endgame’. Trade analysts expect the number to increase at the rate at which tickets are sold. The film was released in five languages in India. These include Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. The main attraction of this 192-minute film is its 3D version. Movie lovers are also impressed by the high-quality visuals and special effects. Movie lovers are also impressed by the high-quality visuals and special effects.

When the excitement about ‘Avatar’ reached its peak in this country, an unexpected incident happened a few days ago. One viewer died while watching the film. Lakshmi Reddy, a resident of Andhra Pradesh’s Kakinada district, went with her brother to watch the most hyped film of the year. According to eyewitnesses, the man suddenly collapsed while watching the film. His brother Takumi rushed him to the local government hospital, but he could not be saved. He has declared brought dead at the hospital.

Why did that person have a heart attack? It is known that he had high blood pressure problem. He was overwhelmed by ‘Avatar’. Blood pressure increases. As a result of which the person died. But coincidentally, a similar incident happened in 2010 when the first part of the movie ‘Avatar’ was released. But it happened in Taiwan. A 42-year-old man died in the theater while watching the movie.


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