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10 Screenwriting Tips from James Cameron
Masterclass on how he wrote Titanic and Avatar

Avatar 2 concept art

Ok I would say that the first seed of Avatar was a dream I had when I was in college I was 19 and I had a dream about an amazing forest that was bioluminescent and I woke up later I was so inspired by the dream I started sketching I do it with oil pastel colored pencils and a lot of people ask me if you know what the best advice for being a director is and the answer I would give is to shoot a camera to be a director. To make a brief capture it makes it accessible for viewers to watch a period film where people dress differently and talk differently it happened 85 years ago and who cares and the only way to do it is through your really favorite characters. And take care of them and you know we fall in love with Jack and Rose because they fall in love with each other. You know what I got.

Ikta had a love for the feeling that a film can create in your mind [music] Many people ask me you know what is the best advice to be a director and the answer I get is to be a director shoot a camera no matter how small No matter how deceptive your friends and your sister may be, no matter what the name of the star director, now that you are a director, you are only discussing your budget and you and your fees so it makes sense that Once you commit yourself to do this then the hard part starts which is that you have to give up all other ways because you can’t put your foot in the cabinet.

You can’t set foot in a job in construction and management and it’s a complete and universal thing I doubt that there are many difficult and challenging things to study in the world or whatever but the industry has to be ubiquitous because you are competing with people like that. Those who have made this decision have committed themselves to 100

You are competing for wealth. You know it’s just a big coral wall and ah it’s a big food chain and you’re competing for wealth and you’re competing against those committed people. I mean, I’m fascinated by the Titanic and what happened, but you have another obligation that you have to go through and you have an obligation to let people see. Think about it very briefly. Make it accessible.

It’s not accessible at all but it helps our viewers cut the cracks of watching a period movie where people wear different clothes and they talk differently and it happened 85 years ago and there is only one way to take care of those who are thematically involved in their event and through which you Really liked and about Bong Kar E and you know we fell in love with Jack and Rose because they fell in love with each other as you know on screen and then there is a certain point where we realize that we know with Jack and Rose you know that I am a listener Talking to you empirically you know when you watch the movie and I don’t think you can do it in a docudrama format where you have multiple characters and you judge them all perfectly.

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Intensively observed but in the end, it is an experience it is an emotional experience it is a love story you know that one of my favorite movies if a teenager uh David used the movie dr zivgo but it is not really about the Russian revolution, it really is this About people who are bigger than them and I think Titanic is the same thing in my Titanic picture. Tolstoy’s great novelists want to do what they want to write. You borrow energy from the chosen setting and in some ways, I think that energy also comes back because I think you are more emotional due to being thematically involved through this love story.

Appreciate the event when you first got the idea of ​​the avatar What was your inspiration I would say the first seed of the avatar was a dream I had when I was in college I was 19 and I dreamed of an amazing forest that was bioluminescent and I woke up later I dreamed a lot Inspired I started sketching it in oil pastel colored pencils and many more years later I started incorporating that idea into a story it’s not an avatar but another story and then a few years later let’s see 95 I happened on this planet so I named the digital domain n I can develop my newly established visual effects facility and so I incorporated it I incorporated that concept into what I call avatar 2

So you know in terms of inspiration that every part of nature photography that I saw every moment I spent in a jungle in Canada where I grew up you caught frogs and snakes and these kinds of things just you know I want to be one of a kind with the forest I like it um my underwater time you spent hundreds of hours around the world as a scuba diver looking at the amazing colors and reef fish and the various animals found in these colors and those animals were included in some of the plants and animals of Pandora You see, they really made me big, so the inspiration really came from my whole life. I also had intense feelings of anger and injustice about what happened in the natural world.

What has happened to the indigenous culture around the world? The annual period is my concern about the state of the earth and the state of nature and our cultural isolation from nature so you know I had a lot to say with the movie and you know that what you eat you melt in a big container and you move it out Avatar It’s a little and I’m following you to discover the wreckage of the ship and what you know and I got this idea just to create a love story wrapped around the wreck of the Titanic The ship at the end of your book and I literally have something in it The first time I sat down to take notes and the next The other day I received an invitation which had a black card written in red letters Titanica and it was an invitation to my friend.

Went to see and I saw these two Russian submarines and I said you can use the ones you know as great opportunists. At the rate, I said I could use the Titanic Go and so the next day or so we were on a plane to Moscow to make a deal for the submarine, and then it took a while for the movie to start. I actually lied about it.
Dive 12 times in a Thai city cemetery, right? No one knows that it must have been tried many times and no one really did it, it is to go to a movie hall on the opening night and make a movie without knowing what to expect from the wonder of mystery and then suddenly be shocked and terrified that you can lose me No.

I had to come up with a final race that would be equally entertaining for the audience but differently and I knew I could take action. It eventually became an action film that you know I don’t think Ridley liked the fact that I came and you know he made it and now as a filmmaker, he made the term two Terminator films then others work on the same sandbox Let me know what it feels like to create magic so that people come to the theater and they get an experience outside of it otherwise tell me what they can do. You know what a pony is set to do well.

You say it’s interesting because when I think about what it was like for me in my formative years, I get to know what the world was like as a teenager. Taken to the world is science fiction or the past or somewhere else you know and I think what that meant to me at the time and I think a lot of people in Hollywood I don’t want to insult Hollywood in any way but they communicate that feeling lost transport you One knows about the almost religious transport that is supposed to be um in a movie and I’m not saying it needs to be done in all movies but I know the thing that made me a movie is another cosmic love. Feelings that a movie has your mind and your emotions. Can create something that you don’t realize is somewhere or another feeling outside of your daily life sometimes it’s not another


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